In a profound and rapid changing world, in an increasingly dynamic and aggressive competitive environment, the difference between successful companies and those that disappear from the market, is given by the level of leadership and management team cohesion.
MDM Consultancy’s vision aims to support companies to increase the level of long-term profitability, to develop leaders who lead successful teams, changing for the better the lives of the people and the communities they belong to.

Over 28 years of experience in leading important private companies is used in developing leadership knowledge and skills, to offer our partners complete strategic consulting, training, coaching and mentoring services.

We build lasting partnerships with our clients,
to be stronger together, sharing same values

Fidelity – Our customers fidelity is the foundation on which we build a lasting partnership.
Self-discipline is essential for success and personal fulfillment.
Work – Success can only be achieved through work and sacrifice, paying the “necessary price” to become a more valuable person and a better leader.
Longlife learning “builds” success.
Leadership means first of all character, integrity and strong personal values.
Influencing in a positive way, we can change for the better people’s lives.
In a team of leaders, we can perform better than our competitors.

Strategic consultancy

By accepting positive change, by thinking differently, by acting differently, we can perform better than our competitors ….


In an environment based on a performance-oriented organizational culture, it is the main factor that ensures ….

Personal Development

Adaptation to a changing world is ensured only by an environment in which personal development is achieved ….